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The Voice : "Thou Art The Christ" Music Video

CLICK HERE to Buy this song on ITUNES NOW!   The video was shot in Korea Town in the heart of Los Angeles.The song serves as the climax of The Voice's debut album "#LOUDANDCLEAR." It delves into common misrepresentations of Jesus Christ in culture, politics and religion.

The Voice "Turn To You" Music Video

CLICK HERE to Buy This song on iTunes NOW!   The Voice's "Turn To You" video was shot in the heart of Los Angeles. "It's a catchy song that speaks of how we, as people, attempt to find fulfillment in sex, money, and selfish ambition. This song addresses the reality that life is only truly fulfilled when one is in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ." - Phil "The Voice"  The Voice's label mate Sammy Sayso also makes a quick cameo appearance as well as Jesselynn Maasbach who is the lead singer from "The Blessing Worship Band" of Den Haag, Holland—Integrity Europe recording artist. The video was co-directed by The Voice and Adam Tillman Young.

CLICK HERE to Buy This song on iTunes NOW!
As a producer for Crooked-I, David Banner and Nut-So, (of Tupac's Outlawz), Sam felt that his faith in Jesus was conflicted with his life's ambition. He was a prodigal-pastor's-kid, chasing dreams of stardom when he decided that his life's focus needed to be "REDIRECTED". “It's a dope single and the video was shot by the talented Adam Tillman young in Hollywood, CA.”

–The Voice, Rap Artist / CEO of Vine Style Records.

Sammy Sayso : "Don't Forget" Music Video


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